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Blocks Wireframe Kit

Create simple and beautiful block-based wireframes for desktop, tablet and mobile.


100+ wireframe components and responsive blocks to create simple and beautiful wireframes with Sketch. Blocks Wireframe Kit is based on 200px by 200px symbols that are responsive. Drag them around, change their size, override elements and quickly turn your design process into an iterative powerhouse. This kit will help you generate prototypes for desktop, tablet and mobile with ease.

  • 50+ blocks: Covering the most popular categories.
  • Symbols: All elements are sorted into categories for quick navigation.
  • Responsive: Change the width of elements in Sketch thanks to the resizing feature.
  • Override elements: Quickly change the content of blocks with Sketch overrides.
  • Icons: This wireframe kit is using the material icons by Google. Best of all, you can download SVGs from their online library.
  • Organized: All layers are well-named, this is one of our core value!


Work faster, smarter and with higher consistency thanks to responsive symbols. This makes it easy to keep your design consistent between various screen sizes such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

Blocks Wireframe Kit - Website

Web & Dashboard Design

Symbols are not only made for web but also useful for any app design. It’s great to be able to generate a quick prototype for a new app or a new feature. The flexibility to drag things around, resize blocks and override elements is a real time saver!

Blocks Wireframe Kit - Dashboard

And again, since symbols are responsive, easily work between multiple screen sizes.

Blocks Wireframe Kit - Sketch

Override Elements

One of the most powerful feature within Sketch is to create nested symbols. The design possibilities are endless by overriding elements and turning your design into an iterative powerhouse.

Blocks Wireframe Kit - Override


Below are all components available in this wireframe kit.

Blocks Wireframe Kit - Components


From above components are created a series of blocks covering the most popular categories within web and app design. Since you can override a lot of the elements, the number of possible block design is without limit.

Blocks Wireframe Kit - Blocks

Blocks are organized in groups and well-named for quick navigation.

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