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Printable Wireframe Templates

55 printable wireframe templates for mobile, tablet, desktop, watch and icon design.

Printable Wireframe Templates


55 printable wireframe templates. Designed and developed for a wide selection of devices; including templates for desktop, tablet, mobile (iPhone and Android), icon and watch design. All wireframe templates have been designed with a special focus, to increase the value of your ideas.



The various grids have been crafted with incredible, obsessive care. It’s not just a random dot grid or some nicely laid out columns, but a well-thought-out system that have been applied throughout all wireframes; creating an unparalleled consistency between all devices.

Multiple formats

All sheets are available in two sizes, A4 and Letter formats. And if you're drawing on the iPad or any another device – you can easily import a high resolution PNG into your favorite sketch app.


Printable Wireframe Templates is meticulously crafted to evoke simplicity and to deliver a new and bold experience through minimal design.


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