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Responsive Wireframe Kit

Create simple and beautiful low-fidelity wireframes for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive Wireframe Kit
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  • Compatible with:
  • Figma,
  • Sketch
Responsive Wireframe Kit


100+ wireframe components and responsive modules to create simple and beautiful wireframes with Sketch and Figma. Responsive Wireframe Kit helps you generate prototypes for desktop, tablet and mobile with ease. Not only does it come with hundreds of elements, it is as always well organized, covering the most popular categories. This is the perfect UX Kit to have available during your design process for any web or app project.


Color variables

To make the design of Responsive Wireframe Kit consistent, everything is organized with color variables. Make a change once and watch all elements update everywhere.

Responsive layout

Responsive Wireframe Kit is based on responsive components. Easily move things around, resize elements and rearrange lists when items are moved around.


Responsive Wireframe Kit is meticulously crafted to evoke simplicity and to deliver a new and bold experience through minimal design.


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