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Sense UI Kit

36 high-quality mobile screens and 100+ elements for Sketch and Photoshop.


36 high-quality mobile screens and 100+ elements for Sketch and Photoshop. Sense UI Kit is built using symbols and based on the well-known 8-point grid to make your work both effective and consistent; and yes, developers loves that. It is also highly focused on being organized, a design guide is included to help structure various components of your design.

  • 2 versions: Compatible and specifically made for Sketch and Photoshop.
  • 8-point grid: Make the design of your app consistent and maintain a quality rhythm between your elements. Read more about 8-point grid over here.
  • Symbols: All elements have been grouped into 10 categories.
  • Design guide: With 100+ elements, quickly build your design by dragging elements around.
  • Icons: This UI kit is using the material icons by Google. Best of all, you can easily download SVGs from their online library.
  • Organized: All layers are grouped and well-named for quick navigation.

Built for Sketch and Photoshop, both versions have been meticulously crafted from the ground up.

Sense UI Kit - Software

Design Guide

Delivered with a design guide, elements have been grouped by: buttons, calendars, forms, icons, keyboards, navigation bars, notifications, profiles, table headers and table rows.

Sense UI Kit - Design Guide

36 Screens

Below are listed all screens designed using the Sense UI Kit. In fact, it is a complete travel application with accurate content put into context.

Sense UI Kit - ScreensSense UI Kit - ScreensSense UI Kit - ScreensSense UI Kit - Screens

Sense UI Kit is using Lato as a font. If it’s not already in your collection you can download it for free over here.

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