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Starter Kirby Theme

A modern theme to create a website for your business.

Starter Kirby Theme

Just a heads up, this theme does not include a license for Kirby. You can purchase one here.


Starter Kirby Theme is built on a custom framework making it light and super fast, perfect for a stunning and responsive website.


Fast, really fast

One of our main focus is performance, no bloat. Starter Kirby Theme is always watching insights to take the UX to the highest level.


Starter Kirby Theme features a dynamic and responsive design language. Your site will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktop to mobile.

8-point grid

The design follows a consistent grid, making the flow uniform. It helps to maintain a natural rhythm between elements.


Starter Kirby Theme is meticulously crafted to evoke simplicity and to deliver a new and bold experience through minimal design.


The content editor for your pages is based on blocks. There are a wide variety of modules available, such as gallery, info, pricing, slider... etc.


Light and dark appearance

From the panel you can easily define the default appearance of your site. You can also activate the switch to let visitors toggle between light and dark mode.


Custom style

We’ve included options to easily change colors, fonts, or even adding your own CSS code to customize the appearance and layout of your site.



Enable your site to become a rich object on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also add social icons to the header, simply toggle the switch to show or hide the icon.

Social Profiles


Custom framework

The code doesn’t rely on any third-party framework or tool. Everything is neatly organized and has been coded from scratch.

SEO optimized

We follow industry standards when it comes to SEO, including structured data on every page. Your links will also look great when shared on social platforms.


Need help?

We always provide email support when you’re in a pickle, ask us anything.