1 month ago

Better loading of hero background


Prior to this update the green gradient was displayed before the SVG background loaded. For the user this was way too flashy.

Opalin Hero
1 month ago

New timeline module


We’ve added a new timeline module to the Opalin HTML Template. Great for telling stories in a timeline format.

Timeline Module
5 months ago

Style overrides, no more mixins or fill symbols


All our Sketch assets have been updated with style overrides. We’ve also removed bloat such as mixins or fill symbols. Layers and symbols are also more organized.

Sketch Update
6 months ago

Templates are now also available in PNG


If you’re drawing on the iPad Pro or on another tablet, it’s now easy to import a high resolution PNG into your favorite sketch app.

1 year ago

Added support for Figma


UX Flowchart Cards is now also available for Figma.