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Basik HTML Template

Create a simple, responsive website to showcase your product or service.

Basik HTML Template
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  • Compatible with:
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  • Sass
Basik HTML Template


Basik HTML Template is built on a custom framework making it light and super fast, perfect for a stunning and responsive website.


Fast, really fast

One of our main focus is performance, no bloat. Basik HTML Template is always watching insights to take the UX to the highest level.


Basik HTML Template features a dynamic and responsive design language. Your site will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktop to mobile.

8-point grid

The design follows a consistent grid, making the flow uniform. It helps to maintain a natural rhythm between elements.


Basik HTML Template is meticulously crafted to evoke simplicity and to deliver a new and bold experience through minimal design.


Custom framework

The code doesn’t rely on any third-party framework or tool. Everything is neatly organized and has been coded from scratch.


Need help?

We always provide email support when you’re in a pickle, ask us anything.