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UX Flowchart Cards

296 flowchart cards, perfect for epic UX flows with Sketch, Figma and Illustrator.


296 UX flowchart cards for desktop and mobile. Perfect tool for creating user journeys and UX flows using Sketch, Figma and Illustrator. Not only does it come with hundreds of elements, it is as always extremely well-organized. Each card follows a flexible grid and a strict layer structure, creating consistency across all cards. This is a perfect instrument to make your ideas minimal, readable and easy to follow.

  • 296 flowchart cards: Covering the most popular categories.
  • 2 versions: Compatible and specifically made for Sketch, Figma and Illustrator.
  • Responsive: Made for both desktop and mobile.
  • 64 iOS cards: Designing for iOS? We got you covered!
  • 40 smart arrows: Using 9-slice scaling.
  • 32 icons: Numerical and functional.
  • 7 button styles: Success, information, warning and error.
  • Print friendly: Light theme making your flows easy to print and ink-friendly.

Completely re-organized with symbols for a lightning fast workflow, create UX flows or simple wireframes in no time.

UX Flowchart Cards - Print

Desktop & Mobile

Each card is available in two versions, one for desktop and one for mobile.

UX Flowchart Cards - Responsive

Flexible Layout

A flexible layout and grid system ensures consistency across all cards.

UX Flowchart Cards - Grid

Organized In Categories

Cards included in this set are based on the most popular categories, covering: headers, features, testimonials, teams, pricing, blog, articles, gallery, Ecommerce, portfolio, call to action (CTA), contact, social, sign up/in, settings, dashboards and footers.

UX Flowchart Cards - Categories

Kickstart your landing pages with one of the cards made just for that.

UX Flowchart Cards - Landing

A set of bonus cards replicating some popular communities: Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble and Behance. This will give you some inspiration.

UX Flowchart Cards - Brands

What happens if a user loses their password or wants to sign up? Use the onboarding cards, simple but yet so powerful.

UX Flowchart Cards - Onboarding

And also, when you create interactive journeys, a couple of useful screens with alerts are there to support the flow if something is loading or goes wrong.

UX Flowchart Cards - Alerts


Just like desktop, a flexible layout and grid system is the source of consistency amongst the mobile version of cards.

UX Flowchart Cards - Mobile Grid

Below are listed all cards that covers the same popular categories as desktop.

UX Flowchart Cards - Mobile Categories


64 cards has been uniquely designed for iOS, covering every screen that defines the core of the OS.

UX Flowchart Cards - Mobile iOS

And finally, just as with desktop; onboarding and alert cards are available for mobile as well.

UX Flowchart Cards - Mobile Onboarding & Alerts


Tools included are easy to use and carefully assembled. All 40 arrows can easily be resized.

UX Flowchart Cards - Tools

UX Flowchart Cards is using Lato as a font. If it’s not already in your collection you can download it for free over here.

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